May 29, 2013

Flash Event May 30: Krulwich, nanobots, and neurosurgery

Looking for plans tonight? This Thursday, May 30, you and your special someone can join us and other science junkies online as we live stream, and live chat about, "Cellular Surgeons," a program hosted by our very own Robert Krulwich.

Cellular Surgeons is part of the acclaimed World Science Festival, a five-day, non-stop, whirlwind series of programs at the intersection of science, art, and philosophy, taking place here in New York City (disclosure: I worked for the Festival for three years, but my excitement is legit!). Robert will lead three award-winning scientists -- Peter Hoffman! Omid Farokhzad! Metin Sitti! -- in a multimedia discussion about the latest in nanomedicine, from "pills the size of molecules" that "seek and destroy tumors," to nanobots performing surgeries with never-before-seen precision. We heard the scientists are bringing plenty of wicked videos, and that the Festival usually sells out, so we're excited to get you in the door.*

We'll see you, back here, then! Maybe with a brewski in our non-typing hand.

*If you're in or around New York City, you can check here to see if tickets are still available.

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