Aug 19, 2010

The Best of Radiolab...on CD!

Hey folks, we're considering putting out a Best of Radiolab CD in the fall and we're looking for a few suggestions for what to include. Imagine if you could only play one story -- not a whole show, but something a little smaller -- which one would it be?

A few staff favorites:

- The Goat on the Cow from 'Detective Stories'

- Sometimes Behaves So Strangely from 'Musical Language'

-The Upholstery Mystery from 'Stress'

What are your favorite stories? Comment here or email them to and your pick may end up on our CD in the fall!

NOTE: This CD should come out just before our new season of one-hour shows is released. (I know, I know, you are waiting! Well, we're working on it!) All I can say about that is we're working hard on some very interesting new topics : race, decision-making, diagnosis...

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