Aug 19, 2010

We need your voice

As you may already know, we are hard at work finishing up Season 5. But we can't finish it ourselves. After some intense jam sessions over the long weekend, Jad and Robert's death-metal side project has rendered them both mute! Don't worry they'll recover.

While those two are nursing their lemon-grass teas we thought you guys could help us make some promos. We need help describing what Radiolab is. Pretend your Aunt Nancy has never heard of Radiolab and you're trying to explain it to her.

However it makes sense to you. Explain it in words. In song. Get a friend on the phone with you and do it in unison. Whisper it. Yell it. Make fun of it.

The sky is the limit. We just want to hear your voice. Your thoughts.

The number to our answering machine is (646) 829-4585. Can't wait to hear from you! And YES, your voice may be used on air. So please, only leave a message if you're OK with that.

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