Aug 19, 2010

Audio Visual Smackdown Live At The Greenspace

Join us Wednesday night, May 6, at WNYC's new Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, where we are going to open up an age old can of worms. Jad and Robert will face off over which medium is superior -- television or radio -- with Ira Glass, whose program This American Life is both a radio show and TV show, acting as referee. In TV’s corner, ABC’s Robert Krulwich will hit hard with stunning video images that may have his opponent up against the ropes. But audio-savant Jad Abumrad won’t go down without a fight as he champions the power of sound with shining examples from radio’s longer, and arguably more innovative, history.

We are still awaiting word on whether or not Jad and Robert will be wearing boxing trunks, but for insurance purposes they will definitely both have 'cutmen' in their corners in case it gets ugly. Come find out if video really killed the radio star!

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