Dec 16, 2019

Gonads: The Digital Album

One day a few months before the Gonads launch, Alexander Overington - the composer, musician, virtuoso creating the series' musical atmosphere - told us that he was meeting with an opera singer in studio, and they were going to riff on some sounds for the show. He wondered: could we send him some words for her to sing? Any word, he explained, which might have something to do with the stories. So we sent a stream-of-conscious word soup, things we found ourselves saying over and over in editorial meetings: eggs, embryo, primordial journey, allantois, the genital ridge, and so on. I remember not quite being sure what they needed, but hoping that something we sent would click. I couldn’t have been more floored -- the day after that first session, Alex sent us, as a tease, “Ballad of the Fish,” the song that would become the series opener. It was one beautiful take by singer and composer Majel Connery, bathed in longing, beauty, surrealism, play. We were in love. And so, too, were all of you - as the series unfolded, we got many, many requests for the songs. Well, here they are. Gonads: The Digital Album. Download, share with friends, and drown yourself in the richness of these two amazing musicians. 


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