Apr 3, 2014

Radiolab to take on the NCAA championship, on Twitter

What if—all at once—you could watch the championship game of the Final Four, drink beer, talk smack, commune with Jad, and have a conversation with some of the dopest sports and science thinkers in the country?

You can!

In an experiment that even we're unprepared for, Radiolab is curating a twitter conversation, live, during the NCAA championship game on Monday, April 7, starting at 9:23PM EDT (yeah, it's that precise). Follow and join the conversation using hashtag #rlmadness, or watch the tweets fly right here.

We've assembled an all-star team of some of the most badass, sports savvy, sciencey writers and thinkers to take on the game, with Jad at the helm. We'll be talking about behavior, statistics, prediction, chance, underdogs, and more...maybe even about the psychological power of those close-up TV shots of players, sweaty, with tears in their eyes...maybe, just maybe, we'll even talk basketball.

At tip-off, we'll be joined on the court—erm, in the digital twittersphere—by:

Slate podcaster, former NPR sports reporter, and self-proclaimed Radiolab team "union rep," Mike Pesca (@pescami)

Freelance sport and science of sport writer, and team talent scout, Christie Aschwanden (@cragcrest)

New York Times columnist, Slate contributing editor, and our team neuroscientist, Dan Engber (@danengber)

"The Sports Gene" book author, former Sports Illustrated writer, and unofficial point guard, David Epstein (@DavidEpstein)

NCAA stats guru, both on and off the court, Ken Pomeroy (@kenpomeroy)

Mathematician, pattern seeker and thus playmaker, Steven Strogatz (@stevenstrogatz)

Radiolab senior story editor and producer, and head coach at heart, Soren Wheeler (@SorenWheeler)

AND YOU! See you at tip-off. It'll be awesome, baby!


(If you don't have a tv, you can watch the game online, here. Please drink responsibly, from your homes.

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