Mar 23, 2010

The Bus Stop

There’s a common problem faced by Alzheimer's and Dementia patients all over the world: lost in their memories, they sometimes get disoriented, and wander off. In this podcast, Lulu Miller talks to a nursing home in Düsseldorf, Germany that came up with a novel solution.

When an Alzheimer's or dementia patient wanders, they can end up too far from home, frightened or hurt. So what are you supposed to do if your loved one—a parent, a grandparent—begins to wander in this way? Oftentimes the only solution is to lock them up, which just feels cruel. But what else are you supposed to do if you want to keep them safe?

The Benrath Senior Center, came up with a new idea, an idea so simple you almost think it couldn't work. Producer Lulu Miller talks to Richard Neureither and Regine Hauch about what they've done in Düsseldorf.

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